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The Big Picture – By Philly Food Works

Posted November 6, 2014 by Dylan Baird This week, Rebecca sat down with Jessa from Inspired Brews to talk about what inspired HER (and her partner Jen) brews. Check out the Kombucha on our online market – it’s on SALE this week! How did you and your business partner meet? We met through a church group in Dallas, TX. She had a couple of jars brewing on her counter and I whispered to my husband – “i think shes brewing kombucha!” I was already so in love with it and didn’t know you could brew it yourself at that point…


Inside Scoop on Philly Kombucha Company Inspired Brews

I’m sure you’ve seen it at Whole Foods or Di Bruno Bros, those bottles of fermented tea called kombucha (pronounced exactly as it appears, btw). Like quinoa, it’s one of those things that’s been around for thousands of years but has been having a bit of foodie and health-food junkie renaissance lately. Fostering that renaissance locally is Philly-based company Inspired Brews, co-founded by Washington Square West resident Jessa Stevens. Her business partner, Jennifer Snow, leads up the Dallas, Texas, operations. Stevens has been whipping up small batches of the stuff for the past few years, teaching kombucha classes and making…