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Meet Inspired Brews – The Town Dish

by Char Nolan on April 9, 2014 Meet Inspired Brews, Philly’s Newest Small-Batch Kombucha Purveyor Kombucha is an interesting beverage, to say the least, but a few years ago, I’d never even heard of the stuff. Kombucha is an age-old elixir made from fermenting sweet tea with a “unique culture.” Some time ago, I was at a meeting where all of the attendees were sipping on this intriguing beverage. Wanting to be hep and cool, I decided to take a few swigs…but after one hearty sip, my tongue stopped in its tracks because I thought I was drinking salad dressing….

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Local Loves – By Honey Grow

We keep running into a new local product everywhere we go (events at Terrain, yoga parties, etc.)! Welcome Inspired Brews’ small batch kombucha! The two owners, Jessa and Jennifer do double-duty, respectively from Philadelphia and Texas, to work within their communities to produce this lovingly brewed drink. With just the two of them, they’re starting out on a small DIY scale, hand-filtering, bottling + labeling these delicious brews. We love the beautiful aesthetic of the labels and hand-crafted packaging. Like our menu, they too are inspired by local, seasonal fruits and create fun flavor combinations. Kombucha has been called by…