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The Big Picture – By Philly Food Works

Posted November 6, 2014 by Dylan Baird

This week, Rebecca sat down with Jessa from Inspired Brews to talk about what inspired HER (and her partner Jen) brews.

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How did you and your business partner meet?

We met through a church group in Dallas, TX. She had a couple of jars brewing on her counter and I whispered to my husband – “i think shes brewing kombucha!” I was already so in love with it and didn’t know you could brew it yourself at that point so I asked Jen about what she was making and she gave me some to take home.

I lived in Dallas for two years just forming a friendship with Jen and we didn’t really start to talk about starting a business or anything. We were just experimenting and tasting each other’s concoctions. Jen is a full time lawyer with two kids and she always talked about writing more in a public sphere about her vision of good food. We want to do that in the form of a blog – which is still in the works

I loved her vision for healthy eating and brewing, so as a trained graphic designer, I offered to contribute to that side of the then forming business. We started Inspired Brews with me solely on that side of the business, but that grew when I moved to Philadelphia. I started to hold classes and make connections that way up North. I wasn’t seeing any local kombucha around and we started selling it out of Ryans Juice Club in January/February.

Social media has helped so much – our business has organically grown so fast, which is really fun to watch. People spread the word to cafes and then local markets. Philly has received us so well and we’re so grateful for that and the interest that people have shown us here.

How did you come up with the packaging/design? it definitely stands out to me-

Thanks! When I buy something, I am definitely attracted to beautifully designed products. When coming up with Inspired Brews we knew the design was equally important as the brew itself. I had so much invested and put a lot of pressure on myself to come up with the right design. We wanted the design to be somewhat feminine with a light, bubbly kind of feel.

When you brew kombucha, there’s part of the process that is ‘open air’ meaning you leave the top off and just cover the jar with a linen and a strap around the neck of the jar to hold it on. I wanted to bring that aspect of the brewing process to the design of the bottle-which is why each bottle has that effect with the paper and string. It also adds a whole process to opening it.

We choose to use certain ingredients and materials (glass) that reflect what we’re all about- raw, healthy, and local, which we hope can be seen in our design.

Tell me about Wholehearted Kitchen –

It is essentially our umbrella company. Something we want to grow into.

We’re interested in how food impacts us in every way. Are we being grateful for what’s given to us? It was a way we thought of for future expansion to other products and fermented foods. It also includes the writing/blogging about how and why we are involved with these foods.

Initially we plan on it being a virtual space, but in the future it could possibly be a cafe where we can serve the kinds of foods we talk about.

How has fermentation affected your life on a day to day? Why is it so cool to you?

The influx of vitamins and minerals has made my hair and nails grow stronger and faster. That’s one way I have seen a visible change on my body because of how much I experiment with and use fermented products.

I think it’s really cool that you introduce a culture, you’re letting it work on it’s own – kind of in the background of your life- and it grows and provides a ton of nutrition.

We want to infuse a sort of culture in our communities – walk away and let it brew- that’s why we feel like it’s so important to work with folks like you guys. There’s just a bigger picture to it all. There’s a definite parallel to how we brew the kombucha and how we hope to develop our products in the community.

Whats one place that inspires you in Philadelphia that you like spending time?

I love Talula’s Garden. I bring all of my family and friends there. They have a lot of the same ideas about local foods as we do. And there’s the park right across the street so you can grab food and go sit in the park and enjoy it.