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Our new flagship fermentary location at 263 N 3rd Street. Hours: Monday 10AM – 6PM Tuesday 10AM – 6PM Wednesday 10AM – 6PM Thursday Closed Friday 10 – 6PM Saturday 9AM – 4PM Sunday 9AM – 4PM

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Our goal at Inspired Brews is to work within our communities to develop more thoughtful, engaged approaches to growing, buying, cooking, and ultimately enjoying our food. As a lawyer (Jennifer) and designer (Jessa), we find tangible relief from the abstract and commercial—from the temptation to disconnect and disengage—in gardening, in cooking, and in nourishing those we love. Kombucha is an age-old elixir with new potential as a handcrafted gourmet beverage. An ancient fermented tea, kombucha has been shared among families, friends, and communities for thousands of years. As a probiotic, high-enzyme beverage, kombucha has been credited with everything from improving liver health and metabolism to preventing hangovers, slowing hair loss, and curing cancer. Whatever the health effects—at the least, kombucha is significantly lower in sugar than the soda alternative and is chock full of probiotics and B vitamins—many devotees find that they enjoy a lift and improved energy from regular consumption. We have both prepared kombucha in our homes for some time, since a friend first shared the culture with us and we became enamored with its refreshing taste and feel. At first, we were satisfied with small batches and simple flavoring—orange juice, pineapple puree, and the like. Over time, we began brewing and drinking more and developing unique flavors that we love to share with our friends and families. We are excited to introduce our communities.


We brew kombucha in glass barrels, using organic green and black teas and organic cane sugar. Once it is lightly carbonated and pleasantly tart, the kombucha is bottled for a second fermentation along with selected juices, herbs, and spices. The kombucha is then hand-filtered into kegs or individual bottles. We enjoy handcrafting our kombucha in small batches with unique and seasonal ingredients. Our aim is always to create distinct, high-quality, and healthful beverages that are intertwined with, and suited to, our communities.

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Get our locally, crafted kombucha in bulk and enjoy it all week! We’ll email you each week to let you know what flavors are on draft. Swing by our location and we’ll fill your Inspired Brews bottle to the brim. Terms: **you will be asked to sign a terms sheet upon your first pick up** $10 initiation fee charged when you pick up your first growler. PayPal will bill you monthly for your fill ups. Please notify us if you’d like to put a ‘hold’ on your subscription. You may also cancel at anytime without repercussions, we just need 15 days notice! Our subscription prices are based on pick-up at our store location:

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Pumpkin Spice

100% raw kombucha*, pumpkin*+, allspice*, cinnamon*, cloves*

*organic  +not raw



100% raw kombucha*, beets*, carrots*, ginger*, mint*



The Dr

100% raw kombucha*, PA apples (IPM), lemon*, ginger root*, chlorophyll*



100% raw kombucha*, PA apples*, golden raisins*, anise*, dates*, ginger*




100% raw kombucha*, lots of ginger root*



Cranberry Ginger

100% raw kombucha*, ginger*, cranberries*, elderflower*



100% raw kombucha*, elderberries*, hibiscus*, echinacea*



Winter Cheer

100% raw kombucha*, NJ Grapes*, elderberries*, allspice*, nutmeg*, cinnamon*


inspired brews logo-color-heart

On Draft at the Fermentary

Flower Child – 100% raw kombucha, hibiscus*, elderflower*, echinacea*

Salted Watermelon- 100% raw kombucha, PA watermelon*, himalayan pink salt

Gingery- 100% raw kombucha, ginger*

Orange Hibiscus- 100% raw kombucha, oranges*, hibiscus*, dates*



100% raw kombucha*, juniper berries*, rosemary*, chlorophyll*


Orange Hibiscus

100% raw kombucha*, oranges*, hibiscus*, dates*



Fire Booch

100% raw kombucha*, horseradish*, ginger*, garlic*, cayenne*, dates*, oranges*, lemon*


For those who love the spice and tang of fire tonic, we present “Fire Booch.” Using the same powerful ingredients found in your favorite tonic; we brought our classic probiotic beverage up to the next level. Enjoy the kick and stay healthy this winter season.


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For wholesale inquiries or other questions please email us at
jen@inspiredbrews.com (Dallas brewing)
or jessa@inspiredbrews.com (Philadelphia brewing).


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